Sunday, September 11, 2016

Story: Lamborghini Palm Beach Cars and Coffee January 2015

The first Saturday in January I attended my first cars and coffee event at Lamborghini Palm Beach. I found out about this car meet after I started attending local car meets in Atlanta for a few months, so when we were going to Florida for the entire winter break I wanted to find at least one show to go to while I was down there. Note: this is only a few months after I really got into the whole car community so it was a bit hard for me to find shows going on. I discovered this one after seeing it show up via google search. This show goes from 10am to 12pm, so we decided to roll in around 9am (which was good since it's almost impossible to park once the cars start to show up.)

Upon arrival, there was the famous yellow Lamboat sitting on a trailer which tilted the boat almost sideways so you could see the incredible custom interior. The boat features a full out cockpit replicated almost exactly as the Aventador's except for the parts that were retrofitted to blend in with boat controls. The steering wheel and center console were perfectly done, all the way down to the red flip switch over the start/stop button. The engine in the boat look to be full out custom featuring a carbon fiber engine cover with the retro Lamborghini bull from the diablo airbrushed on. Getting to the exterior, the boat followed the look of an aventador anniversario with Aventador headlights airbrushed onto the front pontoons and working replicated taillights. Of course, this amazingly custom boat wouldn't be complete without the yellow anniversario roadster to accompany it.

 The show started to get filled up and the car never showed. Then all of a sudden, the roars of to high revving naturally aspirated v12's filled the air, and the next thing you know 2 Aventador Anniversario Roadsters roll through the back of the building towards the front. That's 2 of 100 (2%) of these cars that were ever produced, and my first time seeing them personally. The yellow one positioned itself at a 3/4 angle with the front facing away from the boat and slightly to my left. The white anniversario roadster parked itself sideways in some parking spaces, clearing the area allowing people to get some amazing combo shots of the yellow anniversario with the lamboat. To this day, this was one of the best moments I have ever experienced.

This day was a key point to the start of my journey into photography, and was in fact my first event I used my Sony a6000 which led to many first experiences. I already had my camera in RAW mode once I got my camera since that was the reason I got it in the first place, but this was the first time I started to play with other controls such as the focus type and points. The most important thing I picked up from this day was panning. Panning is a technique used by many photographers to capture an object in motion, allowing the object to remain sharp while the rest of the environment induces motion blur (more on this in a future post/video). This was a key point to the start of my photography career, and I cannot honestly expressed how much I learned which includes techniques I still use today. (This has nothing to with this story, but this also was the day a learned you need editing software to read raw files.)

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